Why Vacuuming Is Not Enough

We interviewed the owner of a highly respected local company who are specialists in carpet cleaning Liverpool but also offer carpet cleaning Warrington too (click those links to check them out).

Here’s a summary of our chat:

Three Reasons You Should Use A Carpet Cleaning Company

You may already be using professional cleaning services for the rest of your home, but carpets are not a department to be neglected.

Most homeowners will have invested in quality vacuum cleaners and various carpet care products leading us to think we have got it covered. Through regular cleans and blotting of stains we can take care of our own carpets, right? Well, these three reasons may justify the extra cost of these services.

1.Protection Your Carpet Warranty

Don’t get caught out! This is likely a hidden fact that most carpet suppliers include a professional care clause in their warranty. To ensure you can get the most out of your carpet purchase, using a professional service prolongs its lifespan using specialized, commercial equipment.

More importantly, it is a regular term of contract for most carpet retailers in order to keep your warranty valid. Although using a professional carpet cleaning company may seem like an unnecessary additional cost to your maintenance budget it could save you money in terms of your higher priced investment in flooring.

2.Improved Health and Airflow

Everyone can benefit from having their carpet professionally cleaned as it eliminates debris and dust particles which can flare up allergies and decrease the quality of airflow in your home. Those who have pets may need to reconsider the attention given to your flooring to prevent the chances of excess dust leading to common colds and other health problems.

In this case, using a professional carpet cleaning company can be a health investment. Budgeting for your family’s health is important – which can sometimes creep into your household maintenance funds.

3.Add Ease to Your Daily Routine

Running a household doesn’t have to feel like a full-time job. By allocating some cash to a professional service you can relieve some pressure from the daily maintenance of your carpets. The removal of built up dirt and tough stains means your carpet begins fresh so that a domestic vacuum cleaner can handle the task.

Does having friends over fill you with dread? Imagine the cleaning of your home to be a general servicing which won’t take all day to prepare for social activities. Even when there is nothing in the calendar, using a carpet cleaning company will help keep your home stay clean, airy and presentable.


A clean home does really equal a clean mind. Whilst the appearance of your home will be bright and fresh, it may also give the same rewards to your mind, health and wallet.