What’s it like being an electrician?

Before I get the question: “Why didnt you use the search function?”, I just want to say that; I did indeed use that search function… I couldnt find any results; I guess I’m bad with keywords

Anyways, I’m sure you guys get this question a lot: “What’s it like being an electrician?”

The reason I’m asking is because I’m going into Gr12 next year and Im deciding what I wanna do. For the past few years, I’ve been thinking of going into IT. My father was in IT and I’ve always liked and been extremely proficient with computers almost by nature. However, last year I took a programming course; and while I was pretty good at it (91% with minimal effort… Almost none really…), it bored the heck out of me. I decided I certainly just couldn’t do a living like that. Hardware on the other hand, I really do like.

However, currently I have a full-time summer job (the usual 8-4 grind) working in a warehouse where I work for a company who assembles the radio units and radio shelters for Bell, and while I do like the work itself; I decided that I simply couldnt do a living like that either (Gosh I’m picky ). The fact that it was an 8-4 grind was definitely part of the reason I disliked it, but other big factors was that it was the same work everyday, the same place everyday, the exact same schedule everyday, and the exact same people everyday (the majority of the folk I work with are amazing… But there are always “those couple of people…”)

So I know I love working with my hands, and I absolutely am amazed and love technology and electronics, so I thought being an electrician would be a fair fit for me.

I did do some research beforehand yet I got mixed results. Some sources said being an electrician was “extremely difficult, work was so sparse that most electricians were unemployed atleast a quarter of the year; it was dreadfully hard on the body and not pleasant at all”, whilst other sources say “it’s good money for a job that is relatively easy if you really give it a go and actually put some work in.”

So I want to know from people who are actually electricians in this day and age:

What’s it like?

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